Monday, November 21, 2011

Tales from Med School: Preparing for OB/GYN

When I was in my third year of med school, I ran into a fellow med student named Greg soon after finishing my OB/GYN rotation and thought he was going to ask me about the best way to study for the rotation:

Greg: "Hey, Fizzy, you just finished OB/GYN, right? Can I get your advice on something?"

Me: "Yeah, sure."

Greg: "Do you think I should start working out?"

Me: "... What?"

Greg: "Well, all the residents on OB/GYN are women, right?"

Me: "Um, yeah..."

Greg: "So they'd probably appreciate it if I were more in shape, huh?"

Me: "..."

Greg: "What do you think I should do?"

Me: "Um, OB/GYN Blueprints is good."


  1. Sadly, I think Greg was on to something.

  2. My OB/GYN clerkship rotation was the one that led to the most number of crying-in-a-bathroom-stall sessions (definitely - for me- worse than Surgery). Near the end of the rotation, I was talking to one of my classmates who was also doing his OB/GYN rotation (at a different site), and he said "I just don't understand why people hate OB. It's actually kind of fun!". He, incidentally, happened to be a cute guy.

    In other words, I agree that Greg was onto something...

  3. I can't speak for other OB/GYNs but I would appreciate it :P

  4. well i'm glad my latent narcissistic tendencies will finally pay off.

  5. I don't care how good looking you are, an over-worked, under-slept OB resident will ream into a door that she thinks looked at her funny.