Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tales from Residency: Sharps

OH MY GOD Moments:

Me: "Where's the needle I used to inject the Botox? Did you put it in the sharps container?"

Attending: "Oh, I dropped it on the floor."

Me: "Uh... so where is it??"

Attending: "Still on the floor somewhere."

Me: "Where??"

A ten minute search of the floor of the patient's room ensues, turning up nothing.

Me: "This is not good."

Attending: [totally unconcerned] "I guess it'll turn up eventually."

A minute later, I was clearing some syringe wrappers and I saw the needle lying on the keyboard of the EMG machine. I felt like we were starring in some med school video about Careless Doctors.


  1. Maybe they should make them hot pink or orange so that they can be seen and not like finding a needle in a haystack! Laundry always tells us they find them in bedding so you're apparently not the only ones.

  2. At our teaching hospital some staff have the horrble habit of sticking them into matresses when they are done with them. It's NOT like South Africa has an HIV/AIDS pandemic on its hands... Coughcoughcough.