Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas presents for the spoiled relative who has it all

An all-too-common situation:

Your cousin Jack has it all. After getting a nearly perfect score on the MCATs, he floated into the ivy league med school of his choice. His parents are paying his way, as well as for that huge townhouse he's renting with his best buddy. They've even bought him a stethoscope, and all the other supplies he needs, even though you had to pay for that stuff out of loan money that you're still paying back 10 years later. That's right, you still haven't paid off your medical equipment that's practically cracking from overuse, while that asshole Jack could probably get his parents to buy him seven stethoscopes, one for each day of the week and still get that spring break in Bermuda while you haven't even left the state in.....

Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah, as I was saying, for that cousin or relative or spoiled jackass in medicine that has it all, for Christmas this year you can get them a copy of A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor. Great idea, right? Totally.

Free ground shipping (that's extra fast shipping) till tomorrow with code SLEIGHRIDES.


  1. Aw, no love for Jack!

    Are you sure he's not one of my classmates?

  2. I'm pretty sure I went to high school with Jack. Not sure though, was his last name the same as a donkey?