Monday, December 19, 2011

Little help?

If you like Fizzy and her blog, for the holidays this year, you can give her a really special gift:

You can put up the Amazon link to her book on Facebook or Twitter.

This would make Fizzy* really happy. See, A Cartoon Guide is an indy book (kind of like Clerks, also in black and white) that is outside the realm of anything general advertising would touch. But if people in medicine mention the book on social networking sites that their buddies in medicine also read, well... it could be an underground success.

Fizzy loves the idea of people in medicine reading and enjoying her book. She priced it so low that she only earns two shiny quarters for the purchase of each book from Amazon, but luckily, Fizzy likes shiny things. A nice review on Amazon would be a good thing for her too.

Please, if you can, spare her a link. You're already on Facebook putting your cat photos up anyway, right?

*Note: Fizzy hates promoting herself and therefore must talk in the third person while doing so.


  1. I just bought a copy!

  2. I just got it in the mail today and my roommates and I love it (we're all M3s). What's scary is how much of it is true... I got yelled at for sitting down in a 10 hour surgery as well.

  3. Thanks, C! If you have the time to put up an Amazon review, it would be much appreciated! :)