Thursday, December 1, 2011

My worst med student

Earlier in the week, I wrote about good qualities I look for in a med student. This, on the other hand, is the story of the worst med student I had during residency.

Generally, the med students we got were doing the rotation as an elective and therefore were interested in PM&R as a career... and many of them were specifically interested in our program. Occasionally, we got med students who were just there to have an easy rotation (although less often than you'd think).

This particular med student, Angie, seemed like she was going out of her way to try to appear uninterested in the rotation. I was generally pretty nice to the med students, but she brought out the bitch in me. For example, the following is a conversation we had after she showed up at 9:40AM for our 8AM clinic. She'd already been late every day that week.

Me: "Just FYI, if you're on a rotation that you're interested in, you should try to show up on time."

Angie: "But I thought I was doing the Sports clinic this morning."

Me: "I told you yesterday that there was no Sports clinic this morning. And even if there were Sports clinic, that starts at 9, so you're still late."

Angie: "I got lost on the way here."

Me: "Look, you don't have to make excuses. I don't care. I'm just saying that it looks bad when you're late every day. It's not something you want to do if you're interested in going to a program."

Angie: "Well, I'm not really interested in this program, I've decided."

Me: "Fine, then show up whenever you want."

I really can't imagine showing up over an hour late every day, even on a rotation I wasn't interested in. In addition, I don't think she went to even one lecture.

Angie also did this other thing that drove me crazy. Sometimes at some point during clinic, the attending would say to her, "Why don't you look up Topic X?"

So instead of looking up the topic that night at home like any half decent med student would, Angie promptly stopped seeing the patients and monopolized one of our only two computers looking up the topic for the entire rest of the day.

I had never seen anything like it. We had many other med students and not one of them thought that being told to look up a topic meant they were done with clinic for the day.

I was still not that mean to her. I think me being a bitch is probably still nicer than a lot of other residents. Even though I was still working, I asked Angie if she had her lunch at 12:30; when she said she didn't, I told her to go get something for herself.


  1. Yikes, not much of an effort put in on her part!

    ps: I thought Melanie was the best last night. The worst performance (like usual) was from the host. I do not like him!

  2. Wow I can't believe someone showing such blatant disrespect for a boss. If this was a job, she'd be fired.

  3. Craziness. I'm kind of amazed it's even possible to get away with that in med school.

    I've only had one bad experience with a med student. Unlike yours, she was very interested and punctual. But she also happened to be fidgety and curious, and she had this infuriating habit of touching buttons. This is a bad thing when she didn't know quite what she was doing.

    After she accidentally turned off my patient's insulin drip (and didn't tell anybody), the resident threatened to make her wear mittens for the rest of the rotation.

  4. Bad form. I've been on plenty of rotations I had no interest in doing, but at the end of the day, people are taking the effort to take you on, and you owe it to them to actually given a damn and put in the proper effort. You don't have to love it, but there are certain basic levels of decency and hard work that you need to do no matter where you are.

  5. Silverwhale: I'm always at least a day behind on X Factor... I need to catch up on my tivo. I heard that Josh was pretty terrible though.

  6. There weren't any stand out performances at all in my opinion! I like Michael Jackson, but his songs just don't seem to sound that good with other people singing them. I am hoping to watch the rest of the season, but with exams starting soon I will probably get behind on it as well.

  7. I actually loved Drew's rendition of Billie Jean (and my husband liked it, and he generally hates these shows) and I can't even believe she got eliminated! Melanie was very good too, but I think Drew has a really unique voice. I think Chris and Marcus should have gone home last night... they're both so blah. That elimination pretty much ruined the rest of the season for me.

    I think X Factor is way overproduced... I always start laughing when the ridiculous back up dancers come out. And the host is terrible. I hope he goes the way of Brian Dunkleman.

  8. I was also shocked she got kicked off, especially when Marcus has been in the bottom before. Simon was mad! Hopefully they will get a new host next season!

  9. I think Nicole and Paula voted her off in a move against Simon. It was obvious to me that Marcus should have gone.

    I do find it irritating that they turned all the criticisms into criticisms against the judges rather than the contestants.