Friday, December 16, 2011

Tales from Residency: The Rotation of Far Far Away

When I was a resident, my program was contemplating adding a rotation that was about a two hour drive away from the main campus, where most of us lived. It was supposedly a “really good rotation,” which was meant to justify forcing residents to drive four hours round trip every day. I think that's incredibly far, don't you?

My program director was an incredibly nice, reasonable person, and I finally approached him about it during a clinic we had together:

Me: "Isn't that new rotation a really long drive away from here?"

PD: "Well, yes. About an hour and a half. Two hours at most."

Me: "You know, that’s going to be pretty rough for the residents who have kids.”

PD: "Well, nobody likes driving two hours each way."

Me: "Yeah, plus the gas prices are ridiculous."

PD: "True.

Me: "So why are you working so hard to add a required rotation that everyone will hate?"

PD: "Well, it will be a really good rotation."

Me: "Are you even allowed to add a mandatory rotation that's nearly two hours away from the main campus?"

PD: "Well, I'm not sure. We're looking into it..."

Me: "When I was in med school, they had a resident rotation that was an hour away from the main campus and they were required to provide housing for residents. I mean, some people just can't make that kind of drive every day."

PD: "Well.... maybe you won't be required to do the rotation."

I don't think you should have to be a squeaky wheel in order to be able to get the oil.


  1. Residency programs at my school often have rotations that require a long drive, but for anything more than about 1/2 an hour away the school has to provide accommodations. I can't imagine spending four hours in my car every day!

  2. At my school it's almost a requirement to complete rotations away from the main campus, but students have access to fairly cheap accommodation. Most residency programs rotate through other locations too.

  3. What was so special about the rotation that they thought it would be worth it?

  4. In PM&R programs, I've noticed it's not unusual to rotate through a bunch of hospitals scattered around a very large area.

    Silverwhale: It was supposed to be a really "great" rotation, but when I did it, it was actually totally worthless for me.