Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You be the detective (answer)

1. Our junior chief resident took about five patient files out of the clinic in order to dictate the patient visits at a later time. One hour later, he reported those files missing.

Question: Where were those files later found?

Answer: The files were discovered an hour later in the public bathroom at the hospital. Why does everything lost always turn up in a bathroom?

2. I saw a patient in clinic today who was recently admitted to the hospital with severe leg pain. I looked at the discharge summary in the computer and saw the following identifying information:

30 year old male with chondrosarcoma [type of bone cancer] status post hemicolectomy [part of bowel removed] one month previously.

Question: Why did this patient with bone cancer need to have part of his bowel removed?

Answer: Although the entire dictation repeatedly referred to the patient's recent hemicolectomy, his surgery was actually a hemiPELVECTOMY (removal of part of pelvic bone). This is what happens when the medicine team takes an ortho patient.

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  1. Wow, I got the hemipelvectomy one but thought my answer was too much of a departure to post. Full disclosure -- I've cared for a patient with chondrosarcoma s/p hemipelvectomy so it's no great feat that I guessed the answer. :-)