Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Pelvic Exam

All these things were actually said by people in my class during our first pelvic exam. We made fun of the girl in the last panel for the next two years.

Thanks to Sharon, for the inspiration for this cartoon.

A bunch of shoutouts today to Doctors Terry, Are You Crazy?, The Medical Student, If These Scrubs Could Talk, Sleepy Doc, Eventually Dr. B, and No Shock Advised. You guys rock! It astounds me how many really great blogs there are out there.

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And this concludes the Week O'Cartoons! I hope you had as much fun as I did!


  1. I have a "first pelvic exam" story...

    One of my classmates in my physical exam group had probably never seen a vagina before performing our first pelvic exams. He fumbled through most of it, which is fine because that's what most of us did the first time because we are so nervous or feel awkward. However, as he finished up his pelvic, IN FRONT OF THE PATIENT, he said non-chalantly, "Wow! What a trip!"

  2. at least none of them vomited into the vagina.

    our first one had a girl say "so that's what it looks like from this end." i nearly pissed myself i was laughing so hard.

  3. These, with the exception of #3, are marginally better than, "You're going to feel me inside of you," to introduce the palpatory portion of the exam.

  4. A million years ago my mom took the classes for what was then an LPN. One of her classmates was a very young, shy, and rather naive woman who had also apparently led a very sheltered life.

    They were going through how to give a bed bath, talking about how you should talk to the patient about what you're doing, etc. The teacher told them that if the patient was able, they should hand the patient the washcloth and ask if the patient wanted to wash his or her private areas themself, only they were encouraged to use more anatomically correct terms like "penis." Then the students all got to practice on a dummy.

    You can probably guess where this is going. The shy young woman carefully washed the dummy, who she was told to address as Mr Smith, and then politely asked Mr Smith if he'd like to wash his own vagina.

    Poor child, the whole class just lost it.

  5. When we did our first rectal exams we were in a group with an attending. When the first student had to go, she asked in front of (er... behind) the patient "Should I take off my watch?" The attending somehow kept a straight face as he asked her "How far are you planning to go??"

  6. I went in for my OBGY rotation & never flinched at the exams and the surgeries. My residents too seemed a little over-eager. I ended up asking them one day why they were so surprised by me. Turns out my friend who'd just finished with the rotation before me had tried to do a pelvic exam from some 4 feet away! They actually acted out his antics like someone was holding a mock rifle

  7. When I was in med school, one of my male classmates was doing a pelvic exam and before he removed the speculum, he said, "okay, I'm going to pull out now, are you ready?" I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard!