Friday, January 27, 2012

Last chance to get a shoutout!

An excerpt from an email I got yesterday:

"Thank you for the mention on your blog today – it sent my views through the roof!"

This is your very last chance to put up a review and link to my book on Amazon and get a shoutout tomorrow!


  1. Done and Done! PS, you are a recent find but as soon as I am paid there will be book purchasing!

    (name on Amazon is BubbleTeaGirl fyi)

  2. I enjoy your site way too much to not give you some major props on Amazon (and increase your street cred). :)

  3. I had some great hits after you did a shout out. I would have plugged your book, anyway.
    Will you let us know if you had more sales after this week?
    Love your blog.
    Love your cartoons.
    Amazing how commenting on others blogs will get my blog more hits.
    Not even my brilliant personality and quality writing does the same thing.

  4. How did I not hear about this until now? I was more than happy to give your blog/book a shout out!