Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Need ideas

In a previous post, I promised to do a full week of cartoons if I got 20 reviews on Amazon. Since I now have 18, it looks like there's a chance I might actually have to do this.

So since you guys got me into this situation, maybe you can help me out.

If you have any ideas for cartoons I can draw, even half-baked ones, send me an email at fizzziatrist(at) (note the extra Z). If I use your idea, I'll give you credit however you like (tell me how).


  1. Would love to see a cartoon of a brain surgery using a toolbox of everyday 'large tools' with a comment I went to med school for this.

    Or perhaps of a 'standstill operation' [aka hypothermic cardiac standstill] within an igloo... lots of ways to spin it... eg walrus handing the doc his surgical instruments...

  2. Perhaps a series of cartoons comprising 'The Med Students Field Guide to Recognizing Real Doctors by Specialty', drawn like a guide to birds. You could cover typical coat length, common annoying habits, tendency toward inappropriate humor with the opposite sex, average rating on the bedside manner scale, likelihood of hitting on a collegue, range in physical parameters including such trivialities as teeth whiteness. Same approach could be used for identifying med students, or for identifying other health care professionals you will encounter in the hospital (written for first-year med students). You've done a fair bit of this kind of thing, but here is a chance to identify the rare specimens that vary from the norm, e.g. the really smart resident who doesn't pimp you and is more interested in seeing you learn what you need to learn.