Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years

So it's 2012. What's your New Years Resolution?


  1. I, uh, only have one, and that's to buy this awesome book I've heard of "A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor". It costs $999.99 on Amazon, so I'm really trying to save up for it.

  2. My surgery resident friend and I resolved to be normal and to not let our respective residency programs ruin us. Tall order, but we're up for the challenge/

  3. To prepare to apply for PhD programs (human development/intervention) without going crazy. Also to keep defining my research goals through the undergrad research I'm doing.

    And sleep lots.

  4. Well I just tested high enough to make it into nursing school, top 1% suckers! So on my list is draw a comic and submit it here. I am think about making one about men in nursing.

  5. 35 or higher on the MCAT.

  6. Mine is to eat only desserts containing chocolate. I'm all about the attainable goals...

  7. Grumpy: It's worth every penny.

    Jacob: If you do it, send it along :)

    I'd say the sleep thing, but I think it's dumb to make resolutions that will definitely fail.

  8. My new years resolution:
    Don't assault, abuse, attack, maim or kill anyone*, no matter how much it needs to be done.**

    That pretty much sums it up. If I pull that off, the longer list about taking meds, holding temper etc. is pretty much besides the point.

    * Selected "customers" are not included in "anyone"
    ** Actual self defense is allowed. Police must be called in the case of self defense. If you don't want to call the police, it wasn't self defense.

  9. To cut knots at just the right length.