Wednesday, January 4, 2012


To those of you who have purchased a paper copy of my book, just know that I think you're awesome. And if your kid got ahold of it and learned a dirty word from it, then I'm terribly sorry.

For those of you who did buy a copy and enjoyed it, please consider going to Amazon and posting a review. I'd be eternally grateful. Just click on "Create Your Own Review".

(If you didn't like it and post a bad review, I won't be grateful, but I suppose I'd have to grudgingly respect your honesty. (Although really, you knew what was in the book before you bought it, so it seems like that would be your fault, right? (Just saying.)))


  1. I'm looking forward to getting my two copies tomorrow. I ordered one for my dad, a cardiologist, and for my buddy who got accepted to medical school. I'm also applying right now so I may get a third copy later.

    I'll be sure to write a review

  2. Chris: Thanks. So far, I don't have one new review... I'm feeling a little dejected :(

    Grumpy: I've been holding back on the parentheses all this time...