Monday, January 9, 2012

Reviews, Attempt #2

So last week, I asked if people who bought a copy of my book (either from Amazon or Lulu) could put up a review on Amazon. A few people did it, which is great. But I'm aiming higher.

I realize that in life, you can't get something for nothing. So how about a deal?

I originally created this blog to post cartoons, but it's kind of hard to draw that many cartoons, so now I only get up maybe one drawing per week, if that.

However, if I reach 20 REVIEWS on the Amazon page, I will do ONE FULL WEEK of one brand new cartoon per day. (I'd promise a month, but I think my hand would explode.) And they won't be throwaway cartoons, like a picture of an ear or something.

I kind of think 20 is a lot, so I'm not revving up to draw a bunch of cartoons yet. But maybe you guys will surprise me.


  1. The number one other product viewed by people who have bought your book:

    THE EX Kitchen Knife Set by Raffaele Iannello

    Sounds like someone's making a gift set!

  2. So funny! I just must buy the book so I can see what the reviews are by your 'Funniest Readers.'

    Know the reviewers will compete with 'Funniest Videos.'

    Do you realize you made my laugh so much it took my headache away! Wow! Virtual house-calls! You are talented. Dr Oz move over.