Monday, January 2, 2012

Tales from Residency: Tape

During EMGs:

Attending: "Can you cut me a small piece of tape?"

Med student: [cuts very small piece of tape]

Attending: "No, that's too small."

MS: [cuts microscopically larger piece of tape]

Attending: "That's still too small."

MS: [cut much bigger piece of tape]

Me: "Now that's TOO big." [pause] "Just kidding."

I will never get to be a surgeon, so that was probably my only shot to make that joke.

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  1. My job as a medstudent during my surgery and plastics rotations were to cut suture threads. My OCD plastics dr liked his sutures 1cm long. We had frequent disagreements over what 1cm was, to the point that we got some sterile tape and measured it during the surgery. I can't remember who was right. Probably him though. I could never cut the tape the right length. Probably the most nervewracking thing in surgery for a medstudent is to cut things properly when asked.