Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top 10

According to z100 (my favorite station as a teen that somehow became a pop station circa 1997), these are the top 10 songs of 2011:

10. Maroon 5 F/Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger

9. Lady Gaga - Born This Way

8. Bruno Mars - Grenade

7. Onerepublic - Good Life

6. Enrique Iglesias - Tonight

5. Adele - Rolling In The Deep

4. LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

3. Britney Spears - Till The World Ends

2. Pitbull F/Ne-Yo - Give Me Everything

1. Katy Perry - E.T.

It makes me feel sort of old that I don't really like any of these songs that much. And I've never even heard the Iglesias song.

It makes me feel even older that my daughter actually really likes a number of these songs. I heard her singing Party Rock Anthem the other day.

(To be fair, I did like a couple of them before they got overplayed ad nauseum.)


  1. The only song I like on that list is Rolling in the Deep...but yeah, they really overplayed that song.

  2. I sometimes think I miss my calling as a composer of really bab pop songs. I was just excited that I had heard of some of these "artists."

  3. Most are definitely overplayed! Also I am very surprised at the #1 song. I don't really hear it on the radio that much, and don't know anyone who particularly likes it. I like the Britney Spears song, but that's cause I have been a big fan since I was younger (her first album was one of my first CDs).

  4. I didn't even realize Britney Spears was still making new music.

  5. Out of the list, I only like Adele. and that's because she's truly awesome!

  6. I listen to music on the radio during my commute so I do know a lot of the currrent songs (and Glee fills me in on the rest). I liked the Adele song a lot at first, but so so sick of it. I knew the Britney song, but had no idea that it was a Britney song.

    Silverwhale: I had heard that Katy Perry song, but not very often... I'd say Firework was much more popular. It was in practically every movie trailer this year. Unless it's considered a 2010 song.

  7. I've heard a grand total of two of these songs, so I must be older! Or at least more out of touch with popular culture.

  8. I know all of these songs, so I now feel much more relevant to kids today :-D

  9. I listen to top hits station and know all of these (at 47; which seems odd). Of all the songs listed, the only ones I really like are Gaga's and Pitbull's songs. Adele's song was nice, I like "Someone Like You" far better; Brit is good but her other songs were better; but Katy Perry @ #1? Really??

    No. Oh well. Guess that's why I'm doing "this" instead of "that" ...

  10. We do know 6 and 7 and just had this discussion in the car today... guess we need to stop listening to the oldies stations so much.

  11. In Australia we have massive overload of "Somebody that I used to know" by Gotye. I no longer like it....

  12. I have heard none of them except the Adele song. And I'm proud of that. Pop music today is totally sucky with all that awful sampling and auto tuning.

  13. Britney Still makes the best pop music.. 14 years making music and still at the top!