Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekly Whine: Boring!

Maybe some of you could help me out with this one:

What makes a person comment on someone else's personal blog, "This post (or this blog) is boring to me"?

I'd like to think that my writing is dazzlingly interesting, but occasionally, here and there, people have made that comment to me. And I've talked to other bloggers who were quite hurt by someone commenting that a post they made was uninteresting. I remember Michelle Au once posted that someone complained to her that all she talked about on her blog was work and her kids.

I get that some blogs are boring. Probably 99% of the blogs out there hold no interest to me. But considering I am aware that other people have different taste than I do and also that I'm not a complete asshole, why would I tell someone their blog is "boring"?

Are these people just so completely self-absorbed that if they don't find something personally interesting, they assume that nobody in the world could possibly enjoy it? I'm going to go with that one.

Sorry in advance if blog entry doesn't interest you.


  1. I think all your posts are dazzlingly interesting dr fizzy :-P

  2. I don't understand why people leave mean/attacking comments in general. We're just trying to tell a few stories!

    I had to get rid of the c-box on my page, which was disappointing.

    Ah well. Loved the tamponade cartoon.

  3. I write a blog for my city that gets quite a bit of traffic. I get hateful emails and comments like that almost once a month telling me nobody cares about whatever it was I wrote about or that my site is boring.

    My favorite is those jerks who pick on an obvious typo to point out how much lower my intelligence is than theirs. I admit, in a good online comment fight I will occasionally point to a fellow commenter's typo. I just can't see taking the time out of my day to email a person writing a blog, not to say "Head's up. I noticed . . ." but to say, "I knew you were an idiot, but at you said 'It's where it's at.' Using a preposition at the end of a sentence is not grammatical correct. I can tell you were educated in a barn, since you do look like a cow. You also capitalized spring. Clearly, you're an idiot." (very similar to an actual comment)

  4. FWIW I get comments like that too (though interestingly none since banning anon comments -- hmmm). They hurt my feelings more than I care to admit. I'm trying to imagine what if anything would inspire me to leave a comment like that.... and I think Id have to be in a pretty bad mood/feeling snarky in general to delude myself that it was ok.

    People just suck sometimes I guess.

  5. Dr. Fizzy, I like your blog! You provide me with part of my daily dose of humor :-) I think your assessment of your detractor is correct. I think they are just too self-absorbed to see beyond their own opinion. Keep it up, love hearing your stories!

    And yes^^loved the tamponade cartoon.

  6. I never understood that either. If it's boring, stop reading. Isn't it that simple? (Apparently not). Anyway, you're hilarious- I bought your book for my BFF that's in med school and she basically pissed her pants, so thank you for your humor! Also, that tamponade cartoon? Classic. Keep 'em coming!

  7. I like your blog! I know what you mean, though. We had a commenter over at our blog come over and start insisting that our blog was inappropriate, and should be moved to a private forum. Then he had a friend come over and start doing the same thing. Then she called us fat-assed dickheads! Then she started soliciting other people in our line of work to come tell us to shut up!!! Because our blog is "inappropriate." Whatever. Seems like there are plenty of blog readers to go around. :)

  8. Sounds like projection to me. People only interested in their own lives complaining about people writing about their lives.

  9. Some folks are just miserable, and want the rest of us to stay down at their level. I'm not even near the medical profession and I love to read your blog daily. :)

  10. I wish I even got disparaging remarks on my blog!

    I don't understand it either. If you think something is boring or not worth your time, surely you are wasting your time by commenting to that effect? If I find anything boring I click "next", not moan about it!

    For the record your blog is very interesting to me!

  11. I love your blog Dr. Fizz! I would miss you if you stopped writing.
    And what's so bad with a little boring? life is boring sometimes, which is what makes this following blog hilarious.

  12. Well, I think some people just don't aim at posting things in order for the others to read it. It works just like a diary. For exemple, in my particular case, I'm aware that what I post is too personal to be interesting to anyone, but I'm not looking for comments or things like those, I just want it to feel like I'm talking to some one...

    And, I gotta say, your blog is just awesome! I'm in med school (1st year!), and, many times I find your posts really motivating through amusement!

    Thank you and good luck!

  13. Commenting that a blog is boring...

    Excuse the language... but what a f#@kwit.

  14. We have a private (sort of) support forum going and recently have had a woman desperate to propagate some extreme vegan diet as a cure for the disease involved. Whilst I see diet is important I'd be beside myself with worry if I thought someone with giant cell arteritis had stopped taking their pred (which she claims is possible)on the basis of her posts on our forum and so risked going blind. She got quite defensive and mildly abusive when we put our point of view and asked her to stop. If they want to be like that they'll get in there and have a go whether it is a "private" forum or not.

    I like your blog - I wouldn't bother coming back if I didn't. It's a simple enough concept.

  15. Some people are boneheads and they're obviously 'boring' if they have nothing better to do then shut people down.