Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1/4 Sale

Lulu is having a special sale for today only that they say comes only once every four years. Is today some sort of special occasion that comes only once every four years?

Anyway, if you buy A Cartoon Guide from Lulu TODAY ONLY, it will cost only $9.22 with the code LEAPYEAR305. You'll spend more than that eating dinner at McDonald's and this won't bring on those chest pains that radiate into your left arm.


  1. Wait, if I order it on this sale does it come with 25% fewer cartoons?

  2. No, through some ironic twist, you get 25% MORE!

    (Not really)

    (I feel like I had to say "not really" just in case someone orders it today and gets pissed)

  3. I am going to buy this today and after I read it, I am going to put it in the physician charting area at my hospital. (It's a new hospital and the docs actually have time to breathe and dare I say.. laugh there. ♥)

  4. I think if I walked into a hospital and saw my book sitting around, I'd be completely floored :)