Thursday, February 2, 2012

The punishment fits the crime

Patient: "The nurses.. they woke me up..."

Me: "When?"

Patient: "During the night. They keep... waking me up. They should..."

Me: "They should what?"

Patient: "They should be sent to jail."

Me: "Oh. Well, I'm sorry they're waking you up all night and I'll try to get them to stop doing that."

Patient: "They should be sent to jail."

Me: "I really think jail seems a little harsh."



    I dont like being poked or prodded at night either but I understand that is their job, thus it shouldnt require jail time. Maybe patient should be glad nurses are doing their job and are actually making sure they are still alive. :)

  2. I think we have an extreme Hammurabi on our hands. An eye for an eye just became child's play.

  3. Dr. Grumpy would have named this patient "Mr. Draco".

  4. Someone apparently gets a little cranky and irrational when sleep deprived...

  5. Well I suppose it's better than saying that they should be shot...

  6. This patient obviously doesn't have children.
    Also was never a physician - we get awakened all night long routinely.
    Try being a physician with children. Especially one who delivers babies.
    Suck it up.

  7. I just hope that you did not call a psych consult on the pt!!!