Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Something in the water

During my last rotation of intern year, I discovered I was pregnant. I worked with a senior resident named Angela and my attending was a woman in her thirties named Dr. White.

In January of the next year:

I gave birth to a daughter.

Angela gave birth to a baby boy.

Dr. White gave birth to twins.

All within a couple of weeks of each other.



  1. Wow. You ladies shared husband must have been exhausted. But I guess you're used to it in the FLDS.

  2. It just means you all took advantage of a nice spring day! making weather

  3. That's funny. At a residency I visited recently, 4/5 senior residents were pregnant.

  4. Nope. There was definitely something in the water.

  5. End of the year and everyone was so in the groove, there was actually energy post-shift for hanky panky.

  6. I live in a bewitched house. Or rather, there's a bewitched room in my house. Every girl that lived in that one room for the past 18 months got pregnant (and subsequently moved out, so the next girl could move in and also get pregnant). There have been 4 of them! Seriously!

    It's scary!