Friday, February 3, 2012

Words of Wisdom

These are some random words of wisdom that I heard as a medical student from my residents. I committed these statements to memory and repeated them as much as possible. I want to reproduce these words of wisdom so as to preserve them for all eternity.

"When I was an intern I never knew what I was doing and I was always all over the place."

"Go home and study. Otherwise you'll end up matching in medicine like me."

"I miss being an intern because nobody expects you to know anything. You can make all the dumb mistakes you want and then just be like, 'What do I know? I'm just an intern.'"

"What does CHF stand for again? Is that like.... congenital heart failure?" (this is sort of like the opposite of wisdom)

"What sucks is when you go through all the work of medical school and then you can't even do the field that you want to do."

"Now that I've done three years of ob/gyn, I could become a malpractice lawyer and I'd clean up. I could look at the fetal heart tracing and tell you the exact second that baby should have been delivered. Of course, in real life, it doesn't work that way."

"What's the most common cause of right heart failure? Left heart failure. Whenever I ask a question, I always tell you the answer immediately so it's not pimping." (The wisdom is in the last sentence, since the first sentence is common knowledge. Except for that resident who didn't know what CHF was.)


  1. My favorite is the futile attempt at CHF.

  2. I miss being able to say "this is my first rotation"- it was good for 12 weeks, at least- then turned into, well, I just did surgery so of course I don't know any medicine- ha.

  3. Simon kicked the host off X-factor! Now I'm very excited for next season. I wonder who will replace him? Paula and Nicole are also gone. Thought you might be interested :P I also got the news that I received interviews at both med schools I applied to here in Canada, so along with the x-factor info it means I am having a pretty good day :)

  4. Silverwhale: That's really good news. I could have dealt with another season of that awful host, but I'm not sure if I would have watched another season of Nicole. But I'm certain whichever celeb they get will be equally terrible, much like JLo and Steven Tyler. Because nobody wants to make the public hate them by being mean.

    I always thought NPH would make a great judge, based on his stint as a guest judge on Idol.