Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fired for Blogging

After my post last week about Dooce, I can't help but get creeped out about people who get fired for blogging.

Then again, blogging is not necessarily a fireable offense. After all, people like Michelle Au and Kevin Pho blog under their real names, and are fairly well respected. I don't write about anything that happened in the last two years or anyone I currently work with. (When I say "recently," that usually means "two years ago".)

If you were my boss and someone forwarded you the URL of this blog and said it belonged to Fizzy McFizz, what would you say?

a) You're fired, Fizzy!

b) You're not fired, but we need you to take the blog down.

c) Wait... Fizzy McFizz... who's that? Oh, that little redheaded girl. OK, whatever, who cares.

d) Is there anything about me on the blog?? No?? Why not?! I'm hilarious!

e) Hey, this is actually funny. It surprises me, coming from someone who's such a bitch at work. I think I like her a little better now. Maybe I'll give her a raise!

f) Other


  1. Combination of d) and e) without the bitch or raise part.

    1. Hey, how do you know I'm not a bitch at work?? And why wouldn't you give me a raise?!

  2. You're a redhead? Irish background which explains the McFizz?

  3. f) Shrug and invite you to give a guest post on my blog.

    then again nothing you have said has violated patient confidentiality, nothing has violated HIPAA and everything you've said is no worse that any tell all memoir.

  4. IIRC Dooce was fired for actively bitching about and insulting her boss on her blog. But then again she didn't have HIPAA to worry about. In any case, it was like 10 years ago.

  5. g) Oh yeah, I knew about this already. Your Mom called last week and asked me to make you take down the post about her post-Britney-Spears-Concert hemorrhoidal episode.

  6. Wouldn't care. Read your blog every now and then, and I've never seen anything remotely close to identifying or disrespectful towards a patient. Your blog is a pleasant diversion.