Sunday, March 4, 2012


So this morning I signed up for Goodreads. Because reading is good.

I don't quite understand how to use it or what the point is, but somehow it's supposed to recommend books to me, although I don't know exactly how it's supposed to work. Um, does anyone know?

Anyway, if you're on goodreads, you can add me as a friend. Or not.


  1. I loved Goodreads because when you connect with people who have the same taste in books as you, you can see what they're reading and pick it up yourself. Anyway, it's also a good place to prove to yourself that you do more than medicine... [or in my case, I sadly look at the zero books I've read outside of my medical school textbooks...].

  2. Also on Goodreads because a friend signed up - It will suggest books thru their weekly/monthly newsletter and if you have posted that you have read a particular author in the past, it will suggest other books by that author and similar books by other authors.I read - a lot so I've been told -and its an easy place to note books I want to read sometime since I'll forget them later on!

  3. hey there... so, you put in books that you've read and how much you like them, and it tells you other books it thinks you might like. If you "like" authors, it also tells you when they have new books coming out. They also have "bookswap" where you can give away books you have read and don't want to keep and get other books from other people. It's kinda cool. I friend-ed you, so hopefully you like trashy bodice-ripping fantasy, medical memoirs, and randomness. ;)

  4. ok, I lied about bookswap, apparently they closed it in Sept 2011. Maybe I should pull my head out of the ochem textbook every once in a while...sorry about that.

  5. I signed up when I had a book to sell... but I have had great fun reviewing books by other people, plus having it suggest books I never heard of but might want to try.

    Plus, you can post a pitch to your target audience there without breaking the bank. This is good, since I am perpetually broke.