Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dating doctors

Conversation I had will a fellow physician, who I will call John:

Me: "Hey, do you know any single guys who might want to get set up? I know this really cute and awesome girl. She's an engineer. Do you know fo any guys who might be interested?"

John: "I would. Except I'm spoken for."

Me: "Really?"

John: "Sure. I love smart girls and I love careers that show they're smart, like engineer, teacher, etc. As long as they're not doctors or lawyers."

Me: "What??"

John: "There are all these power issues involved in dating female doctors or lawyers. It's not worth it."

Me: "I'm so insulted!"

John: "I dated one female doctor and it was awful. Of course, she was also blonde."

Me: "I hate male doctors too. So there."

John: "What about your husband?"

Me: "My husband isn't a doctor!"

John: "Anyway, I'm not alone. I read that there's a much greater chance of a female doctor marrying a male doctor than vice versa."

Me: "That statistic makes no sense."

John: "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing."


  1. On the contrary, it makes perfect sense. There are (for now) more male doctors then female doctors. An equal number of male and female doctors marry a doctor of the opposite sex. Thus a higher percentage of female doctors will marry a male doctor then vice versa.

  2. This would explain why I get more dates by saying I am a teacher (which I was in my former med life). :P

  3. I fought the tidal wave that pushes doctors to date doctors for a long time. Then I threw my intentions out the window and am now with another doctor for what appears to be the long haul. :-)

  4. The thought of dating another med. student/doctor never appealed to me, because I always feel like they're going to judge me for being tired/cranky/overworked, when they are in the same position. I am also 29 and the baby med. students in my class are 22 and 23. So, unless someone has a cougar fetish, it probably wouldn't happen.

  5. I think it does make sense, higher percentage of female doctors will be married to doctors than percentage of male doctors. Oh the joys of being a female physician. Constantly called nurse. And never getting dates. When boys say I'm a medical student, girls come running. Not so much the other way around. So now I've adapted to I won't date anyone but doctors. I figure that puts us at least on equal ground and less likely to get in the way of male's fragile egos. And I think it's easier forthe guy to understand what I'm going through if he's a doctor too, for me personally anyway.

  6. I dated a fellow medical student once itwas the most intense relationship I have ever had. And it was one that took me longest to recover from. The medical world is awfully small, and our campus even more so. It works for some, but I doubt I will ever again date someone in the medical profession.

  7. I'm a 36 year old recently divorced director of my own (small) Ltd company. I would love to date a female doctor. Tired and overworked but one of the good people on this planet.

  8. Your cartoons are cute as hell