Monday, April 2, 2012


Nurse: "So the patient's hematocrit has always been high thirties, but yesterday it was 26. Now it's back up to 35."

Me: "I guess that value from yesterday was erogenous."

Nurse: "..."

Me: "That was the wrong word, wasn't it?"


  1. This is a great fear of mine. I don't want to use the wrong word and sound like an ingot.

  2. So funny!!
    My little brother once told me, in public, that he wanted the latest VIRGIN (of a PS3 game)...
    And once, while performing a skit to lots of tweens, I was supposed to exclaim that an alien had many large tentacles. But I instead referred to testicles...

  3. Trust Dr G. to come up with the funniest line.. :P