Monday, April 23, 2012

Most Coats Award

Sometimes a patient does something so crazy that I kind of want to give them a little award for being crazy in such a unique way.

Most Coats Award in my residency went to an elderly non-English speaking patient, who did put on the gown... but was fully clothed under the gown. She was also wearing her winter coat over the gown, completely buttoned up. And if that wasn't enough, she had THREE sweaters on top of her lap, covering her legs. And she was still wearing her shoes and socks, of course.

As soon as I finished examining her, she immediately put all her coats and sweaters back on, and put on her shoes. I was frustrated that she had to go through taking them all off again for my attending, but I was glad he got to witness the crazy firsthand.


  1. luckily she put on clothes...sometime, a geriatric pt. with dementia just go on naked since he is too spaced out to give a damn

  2. maybe they were cold and/or have low bp

  3. maybe she really should get the Most Freezing Cold Award or the Most Off Body Temperature Regulating Award?

    just found your blog, can't wait to read more! will be back!


  4. Option A: She was very cold.
    Option B: She was very modest.
    Option C: She crazy

    I agree with Syahmi though. I've had some of those patients and I always feel so sorry. One gentleman insisted he needed the loo, and wouldn't believe us about the urinary catheter.

  5. Non-English speaking patient??? That's racist..

    Haha, just teasing!

  6. Maybe she was someone who slept in the park, and wore just about everything she owned to keep it from being stolen. (Or maybe not.) On psych you get used to it, but I know on other services the crazy stuff can be a definite problem. Even if the patient is harmless.

    A similar person went dumpster-diving for organic skin protectants, and had been thoroughly coated with them for maybe two months or more when admitted. One of those times when medical staff and nursing staff really appreciate each others' roles.