Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekly Whine: Dates

Every attending is anal about something, right? No matter how normal and easygoing you are, there will be some specific way you want your resident or students to do things and it will drive you a little nuts if they don't do things your way.

I feel like my "thing" is wanting to have dates on everything. And honestly, I think that's very legitimate. It drives me NUTS when someone writes an H&P or discharge summary that doesn't have the dates of certain important events. When did the patient have that stroke? When were they admitted to the hospital? When was the ORIF on their radius fracture performed? And no, Hospital Day #6 is not acceptable.

There's one hospital we admit a lot of patients from that never, ever puts dates on anything. It drives me CRAZY. I have to flip through half the discharge paperwork to find out when the patient was admitted with their subarachnoid hemorrhage. Isn't that kind of IMPORTANT?

And I guess there's one other thing I'm a little anal about: I like things numbered. It drives me totally insane when someone's plan is just one huge dense paragraph of rambling thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. along with having no dates i also hate when people date with only numbers....

    is that April 5 or May 4......