Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cross cover psychic

When I did cross cover as an intern, there were some exciting things that happened from time to time. But usually it was pretty repetitive. That or I started to develop psychic powers:

Nurse: "Doctor, I have this patient from..."

Me: "Copper Medicine."

Nurse: "Yes, that's right. This patient is diabetic and she's been NPO till now, but now she's eating--"

Me: "And you want to change her fingersticks from q6hours to qAC and switch her back to a moderate sliding scale."

Nurse: "Yes, that's right..."

Me: "Okay, that's fine."

(Also, you are going to find true love on flag day.)


  1. I just knew you had superpowers!

  2. You are too awesome to NOT have superpowers, lady. :-)

  3. In my case it starts with
    "Hey you know that kid with bronchiolitis just came up from emerg-"
    "Yes, you can give Tylenol PR if he is throwing up and add Gravol IV."
    "-uh yeah. Okay. Thanks!"