Thursday, May 24, 2012

Post call = slightly drunk

A shining post-call moment:

I was trying to call the chemistry lab to cancel a lab I had inadvertently ordered on a patient.

First I called and wasn't paying enough attention to the phone menu, so I pressed the wrong number.

I called back, but this time I dialed the wrong phone number altogether.

I called back again and listened to the message, but accidentally pressed the wrong menu number again anyway.

I called back again and this time didn't listen to the message, but accidentally pressed the wrong menu number once again.

Finally, on the fifth try, I managed to get through to the lab.

Time to go home, eh?


  1. I can so relate doc. But in a different situation. I almost gave the wrong drug to the wrong patient during my student nursing duty days. And I'm praying I won't mess up when I will start my medical student clerkship.

    We just need to recharge our neurons once in a while to function properly. haha!

  2. Yeah, but if you were one of my patients you'd simply blame the whole thing on our phone system.

  3. I was on shift 4/4 (nursing - night shift) and kept calling down to lab to see if they had run my patient's ABG yet. I'm giving them a name and MR number and they keep saying that they haven't received anything. Finally, I'm about ready to shank a bitch and it's pretty obvious over the phone...when I realize that I'd been giving them the wrong patient info the entire time.

    1. I got as far as calling the lab and practically yelling at them for losing my patient's bloodwork.
      Then I realized I was looking up the wrong patient the whole time.
      It was very embarrassing. I was post call.
      I do agree, post call = slightly drunk. (especially when driving back home...)

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  5. If you replace "chemistry lab" with "Papa Johns", this is like the story of my entire college career. And then med school happened..

  6. Yeah, I ordered some labs just before going off duty this past Wednesday, and did everything right except put the patient's ID-labels on the blood tubes... which meant they were rejected and had to be drawn again the next day. Sigh.