Monday, June 18, 2012

Should you go to med school?

A while back, I made a flowchart to help people decide if they should go to medical school. I was really into flowcharts back then. Now I'm really into quizzes.

Should you go to medical school?: A quiz for the indecisive and/or incredibly bored

Because if an internet quiz can't tell you if you should go to med school, then how could you possibly know?


  1. I think you're on to something here. Both of your quizzes suggested that I do anything BUT become a doctor, which exactly reflects my own assessment of my proclivities and skills. You should look into getting them to replace the MCAT with your quizzes (besides, yours are MUCH funnier).

    1. Lol. Kaplan would still find a way to make prep courses.

  2. Should've known this quiz existed! Now it's too late. Damn!

  3. i'm a "Born Doctor"...Damn, too bad i'm 50! (But people say i look younger...ha!)

  4. Well, good thing I decided to go to med school. Born a doctor. Who doesn't love the smell of C Diff lol