Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekly Whine: Useless stores

In any neighborhood, there's some turnover of stores. This can be a bad thing when a store you like closes, or a good thing when a great new store opens up.

Recently we had a large bookstore close down near us. I don't buy books at bookstores since I think they are incredibly overpriced, so I was eager to see what would replace the bookstore. A restaurant? (Good) A Babies R Us? (Great) A Trader Joe's? (Awesome!)

It wasn't any of those things. It was a store that sells party supplies.

You know what would have been better than a store that sells party supplies? ANYTHING ELSE.

Who shops at a store for party supplies anyway? Can't you get anything you need for a party at like a Target or something? What kind of crazy parties is everyone throwing where such a store would actually be profitable?

Anyway, there was another giant lot near me that's been undergoing construction for about six months. I was pretty excited to see what was going to be there. I was hoping for a gas station because there aren't any between my work and the daycare without a detour, so that would have been perfect.

So today I found out that what they're building in the lot is... a bank.

I was literally furious when I discovered this. There's already a bank right across the street. How many freaking banks do we need? Why do people keep building useless stores?


  1. I'm right with you there on your whine. Who needs this stuff?

  2. Every time you see a new strip mall go up - here is what it will have in it: Great Clips, ChinaMoon restaurant, nail salon, H&R Block, overpriced mail center, cigarette store. ANd then, the empty slot that you keep hoping will be something you will actually use turns out to be...a dentist that doesn't take your insurance.

    Happy Saturday.

  3. I get SO annoyed when I see a new building going up and it turns out to be a bank! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!! What the fudge are they doing? There are like 30,000 banks in this town! It's so disappointing. Recently they started clearing the lot up the street from us and I was hoping it'd be a P.F. Changs or lot. Car lot!? Nobody buys cars right now...the economy is in the toilet.


  4. LOL!! I hear you Fizzy. Lately I've lucked out. They've been putting Chipotles everywhere.

  5. Only thing I've ever found party stores useful for is to buy helium there. We own 2 "air swimmer" toys, so have to go there about once a month.

    Beyond that, no. I have no use for them.

  6. I live in the Northeast where there are "Dollar Tree" dollar stores galore. They have pretty nice selection of party supplies, and most of it is decent quality, too. They even fill and sell mylar balloons. Besides the fact that those party-supply stores take up valuable retail space, I don't know why anyone would pay the prices that they charge when a lot of that stuff can be purchased for less elsewhere.
    (and no, I don't work at Dollar Tree or have any ownership interest in it)

  7. You just described my college town :) We have 30,000 people + 40,000 students, and there are 2 streets downtown. We also have 12 banks on one half mile stretch of road, a lot that stopped constructing a while ago, a Trader Joes which never seems to have any construction and a Chick Fil-A next to a KFC.


  8. My spouse and I went to party stores all the time when we had lives (currently a caregiver, so no more life). We didn't throw lots of parties, but my spouse has a huge honkin' family... so for holidays, we had to buy aluminum trays, sterno, color-coordinated items for baby showers, decorations, Chinese takeout boxes for homemade candy, etc. Plus cards, paper plates, plastic silverware, etc. in bulk sizes.

    Also: ours kept their seasonal decorations, including costuming props, year-round. Very useful for costumed events at book conventions (you might go to one of those sometime)...

  9. I am so far behind on my reading and replying, but saved this to comment.

    A long, long time ago our small town in NY was getting a new store. There was much speculation. It looked like a bookstore! There was much glee in our world. Happiness abound. Yippy! Hooray!

    And then one day...we drove into the shopping center with the new store..held our breaths...and...omg...what did we see? Chuck E. Freakin' Cheese's! Chuck. E. Freakin'. Cheese's.