Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WTF pages

11PM urgent page:

Nurse: "Doctor, respiratory therapy was just in patient Ms. Smith's room and...."

Resident: "What's wrong? Is her O2 sat dropping? Is she in respiratory distress??"

Nurse: "No, she told the respiratory therapist that her boyfriend was abusing her at home!"

Okay, aside from the fact that everyone on the service knew that this patient was being abused by her boyfriend, is this really something that you need to page the on call physician about late at night??

I don't mean to be unsympathetic to the plight of abused women, but seriously.


  1. Someday...
    Nurse: Siri, this patient is being abused by her husband at home.
    SIRI: I have located 3 Shelters for abused women in your area.
    Nurse: Not now, Siri, this patient is staying at the hospital tonight.
    SIRI: In that case, here is a phone number for an abuse hotline.
    NURSE: Siri, page the oncall physician at once regarding the abusive situation.
    SIRI: I'm sorry, I can't do that. This type of information can wait until morning. Meanwhile, you can note it in the chart and I'll schedule a reminder for you to follow up later.

  2. "I'm sorry, Dave. I can't call the physician at this hour."