Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tales from Residency: Like, forever

A conversation I had with a resident in my class who I spent my first 6 months of residency working with side by side:

Me: "I really want to buy my daughter a doctor's kit, but she's too young for that."

Resident: "How old is she now? Three? Four?"

Me: "Three or four??? When we met, I was barely pregnant and we've only been in this residency for a year and a half!"

Resident: "Oh yeah, I guess we have only been in residency a year and a half.... It seems like a lot longer."

Me: "I guess it does..."


  1. Bad too when you got to the end of training and realized that college acquaintances had created large families, purchased houses in the suburbs, and acquired minivans before you even realized that their first offspring had mastered the pincer grasp. Enjoyed looking through your blog.

    -the Daily Medical Examiner

  2. All you guys ever do is b*tch about medicine and how awful it is. What about the good parts of medicine? How about being thankful you even had an education to begin with? You wouldn't dare trade your places with anyone else that's for sure..

    1. The things posted on here are to be laughed at. If all Fizzy did was post about how amazing her job is then this blog would be sooooooo boring.

    2. Chip on shoulder. Don't worry, anon, maybe you'll get into med school someday.

    3. I think it's quite obvious from reading her blog how much Fizzy actually does enjoy her job. But I wouldn't want to read her blog if it was all about how awesome her job is and how she loves everything so much. There are blogs like that. I'm sure you have friends with blogs who do nothing but talk about how their lives are perfect and everything is awesome all the time. People don't like those kinds of blogs because they are either boring or they feel like the writer is rubbing their awesome perfectness in your face all the time. I like to read stuff that's funny. I love medicine, but I don't go around talking about how wonderful and perfect my life all the time is because that just pisses people off. I don't think Fizzy's blog is about how "awful" medicine is. I don't think she thinks medicine is "awful." She just likes to tell good stories, and that's what keeps me coming back.

      -Some random med student

    4. Very well said, random med student. Every time I post anything positive about myself, I get comments or emails accusing me of bragging.

      The truth is that there is nothing I could write here that would please everyone. So I write stuff that *I* enjoy writing, and if other people enjoy it, that's awesome. It's self-centered for people to comment and demand that I change the entire content of my personal blog just to please them.

  3. The light-hearted look and comedy is appreciated, but sometimes you want to read something other than how "awful" medicine is. I'm sure Fizzy can come up with funny stuff that doesn't always have to make fun of/be negative about medicine.

    1. I'm not sure why this post is an example of medicine being horrible. Did you think the cartoon that was posted early this morning about the acute abdomen was somehow too hard on medicine? Or my post explaining the reasons why I decided not to do pathology? Or the one where I asked for healthy recipes? What exactly is bothering you so much?

      I don't see people writing to Jeanine Garoffalo, asking her to tell more positive stories about being overweight or whatever it is her stand-up routines are about. Do you think the Daily Show should just talk about all the good things that politicians are doing and stop making fun of them all the time? Maybe you do.

      How about this? Show me ONE truly funny blog that is full of only positive stories about medicine.

    2. Fizzy,

      You're awesome!


      Soon to be M-1 (In 4 Weeks!)

  4. I like your posts Dr. FIzzy. And as a new Dr. PGY1, I like stories about the hardships of med school/residency. It's nice to be able to poke fun of our lot in life.

    And yes, I know we complain but still (usually) would not change places if given the option. But that doesn't mean we lose the right to complain. We work 80 some hour weeks, at least allow us that little joy Anon #1.