Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly Whine: Birthdays

I hate birthdays.

I hate birthdays because my birthday usually sucks. It's hard to remember any really great birthdays. My husband jokes that it's a good birthday for me if I don't end up crying. It does seem like I've been sad enough to cry on a lot of my birthdays.

During my first year of college, I made a big fuss out of everyone's birthdays. I planned elaborate surprise parties at most, nice dinners at least for everyone in our group of friends. Then my birthday was during the summer, and nobody even bothered to wish me happy birthday. After that, I decided I was never going to plan anything for anyone's birthday EVER AGAIN.

The thing is, I'd like to be considerate to people. I'd like to bring in a cake every time someone at work has a birthday, but first of all, that would likely result in nonstop cakes, and I think it would also result in me feeling even more hurt than usual when my birthday goes unnoticed.

There's a lot of pressure on birthdays. You have to do something special and if the day is just GOOD, then it's a disappointment. Also, it would be cool to have been surprised at least once with something awesome.


  1. happy birthday :)

  2. The story of my life :-)

  3. Happy birthday? :)
    I can relate to this. Having birthday at the end of July always meant friends were away, very few people would actually remember. And even my family members who remember it...well they never get me anything I like, makes me wonder if they know me at all :( I don't like birthdays.

  4. Happy Birthday, Fizzy (just guessing)!

    Yep, can totally relate to this, only my birthday was in May, so there's really no "summer" excuse for people to forget. I was just a L.O.S.E.R. in high school.

  5. My birthday has been a sad day for the last decade or so - my birthday is on 9/11. I didn't lose a loved one on that fateful day, but I must say ever since then 9/11 is just generally somber. Hard to celebrate and party hardy when everyone around you is quiet and reflective.

  6. Happy Birthday! (I think?)
    Anyways, this is me as well. Surprise party? Check. Dinners? Check. Elaborate weekends? Check.
    For me? *crickets*

    Anyways. I usually end up planning my own shebangs as well. Maybe there's something wrong with me that I plan my own parties and bake my own cakes, but, I've learned that if you want people to celebrate you, you better start celebrating yourself. And then at least someone's celebrating... ;)

    At the very least, you should do something nice for yourself or buy yourself a present. I do it every year, with this year being no exception...

  7. I totally feel ya. I'm the middle child of the family and therefore the "I'll let everyonee else have their way" but on my birthday is the only day when I expect it to be about me. Apparently my family didnt get the message as last week it was my birthday an I kept having to yell out it's MY birthday!! like a 2 year old having a tantrum. Sigh. Happy birthday, do something fun for yourself

    1. and I totally bought my own cake this year. just gets worse and worse. I refuse to do anything for anyone's birthdays anymore

  8. Sorry, I'm that jerk that always forgot friends' birthdays :/

    Even with things like Facebook, which announces everyone's birthday (assuming that information is shared), I tend never to scroll down that far on my news feed so I never notice.

  9. I do appreciate the birthday wishes, but today isn't actually my birthday.

  10. Coincidentally, tomorrow is my birthday...

    I actually prefer that people don't make a big deal out of my birthday, but I've started taking the day off from work on my birthday and it's pretty awesome.

  11. If I knew you Dr Fizzy I would do something special for you. It's something I love to do, create and make all the things I wish people would do for me. Quite often I get the, 'no one's ever done anything like this for me before.' I like that feeling.

    As for my own birthdays. They're pretty good, I make sure they are, the only thing that usually leads to disappointment is my friends bailing and not showing up. That's what upsets me...but I get over it, eventually.

  12. I love celebrating birthdays- with my 2 girls - I'm sure I've set their expectations "high" for the rest of their lives. I like to make a big deal - and get rather creative! Example - on a birthday where the letters in their name match their age (example Fizzy McFizz = 11 letters = 11th birthday)- I would purchase 11 presents and put the letter on each one. The game was after you opened the present you had to tell me what the letter represented. Example- you open up a "yellow sweater" ... Y = Yellow. It's a fun game ... my daughter actually got the "I" when she opened up a bathing suit that I left the price tag on. She said "I can't believe you paid that much for a swimsuit!" Yup = right! Not sure I care about my birthday (I'm 62). Just love the excitement of celebrating with my girls (who are now older and still love when I come to their house to celebrate their birthday)!

  13. Fizzy! When is your birthday?

  14. my husbund does no longer give me presents for birthday some years he does not even buy a cake. I work on my kids' birthdays so they remeber theirs as special. but eventually when I am less busy raising them I think taking a day off at work, going to spa then to dinner sounds great, and I have to make it all happen for me, but so what..It does not bother me that people do not remeber my birthday, rather I am suprised that someone does. (BTW I am born on January 1!!)