Friday, September 7, 2012

Ass injections

I don't do these anymore, but as a resident, I used to sometimes do coccyx injections under fluoroscopy for pain.

On one occasion, after finishing the injection, the attending wanted me to put a bandaid over the injection site. When I asked for one, he insisted he had already given me a bandaid. Except I didn't have it.

So the attending started searching for the bandaid in the patient's butt crack. Like he thought it got lost in there or something. Finally, he gave up and got a new bandaid.

We still don't know where the original bandaid ended up. We don't want to know.


  1. Maybe it fell on the floor? On the floor out of sight? It had to have shown up eventually! I would hope...

  2. Yeeeaaaah I would have just gotten a new bandaid. Not prying apart anyone's butt cheeks for a bandaid.

  3. Whenever I lose my car keys, its always the first place I check...

  4. I know insurance companies want to approve everything, but I'm sure they wouldn't ask questions about an extra bandaid