Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Permanent Jewelry

When I'm trying to do an EMG on a patient, often I have to ask them to remove their watch and jewelry. The watch is usually not a big deal, but it seems like every other female patient has on a piece of jewelry that literally cannot be removed.

Personally, all my jewelry comes off. Of course, the only jewelry I ever wear is my wedding band, which I take off every day in the shower. I could almost see having one ring that doesn't come off. But there are a lot of people who have like six or seven rings that don't come off. Or large bracelets that don't come off. No wonder your nerves are compressed if you're wearing this tight bracelet all the time.

One of my patients last week had this incredibly ugly blue bracelet that she was unable to remove. I realized this means that she wears this awful bracelet every single day, all the time, even when she sleeps.


  1. And here I thought this was going to be about tatoos! I never even wear my wedding ring anymore. If it is tight enough to stay on, my finger gets numb. If it is loose enough to be comfortable, it threatens to fall off every time I wash my hands. So no jewelry for me unless we are going out.

  2. At my last BLS renewal the question of using an AED on a patient with 'intradermals' came up. My clue-meter read zero when a nurse explained that intradermals are kinda like rawl plugs in your skin and you can then screw in various little colored jewels or skulls or whatever. EEeeek.