Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Whine: Cards

It irritates me immensely that every single chain store you walk into expects you to have a card for that particular store. And makes you feel bad if you don't have one.

I signed up for a card for our closest grocery store. But I don't always shop there, sometimes I shop at other grocery stores. So how many of these freaking cards am I supposed to carry around?

I recently signed up for a Walmart card (even though Walmart is evil) because I was buying something big there and there was a large discount associated with the card. I wasn't even out of the store when Walmart freaking texted me. I immediately cancelled the card.

Moreover, I really hate when the person on line in front of me doesn't have a store card, and decides to take the cashier up on their offer to sign up for one. This happened to me recently when there was a HUGE line behind that customer. I mean, seriously. Not a great time to have someone filling out paperwork.

What inspired this post was an interaction I had yesterday at CVS when I attempted to buy a single toothbrush:

Cashier: "That'll be $3.15. Do you have a CVS card?"

Me: "No, I don't."

Cashier: "Would you like to donate $1 to Random Charity?"

Me: "No..." [feels guilty]

Cashier: "Would you like to buy a $10 book of coupons for CVS which has a $50 value?"

Me: "I really just want to pay for this three dollar toothbrush, please."


  1. Every time I go to DSW they try to get me to sign up for their "rewards" program. I think the staff must get some sort of bonus if they succeed in getting someone to sign up because they are seriously aggressive about it, and pretty snotty if you (repeatedly) refuse. On one occasion, they were so pushy, I almost walked out of the store. I figure that if they're THAT pushy about getting me to sign up for something that allegedly benefits me, that they're getting a heck of a lot more out of it (and costing me a heck of a lot more) than I would be getting out of it. Therefore I never sign up.

  2. The main benefit to the store for cards that they want you to sign up for is that they track everything you buy with it, which is hugely beneficial information to any retailer. The problem is it comes at the expense of your privacy. Like I really want CVS to know the types of feminine products I use.....

    And the credit cards (as opposed to the non-credit reward cards) are the worst, because how many lines of credit can a single household possibly take out? Doesn't anyone worry about their credit score? And at Macy's and certain other stores, having their credit card is the only way you can partake in the deepest discounts they offer. Non-card holders get a 15% discount, card holders get 20 or 25%.

    It's all quite evil, if you ask me.

  3. I'm a tech in a retail pharmacy in a grocery store. The people that work as grocery cashiers have a crazy-long "script" of things they are required to say and ask. ("How are you today? Did you find everything you were looking for? Do you need stamps today? You have x number of gas points, would you like to donate to the disfigured childrens' aids-cancer foundation?" and etc.) I always wonder how they fit it all in when the customer is just buying a gallon of milk! Anyhow, my point is that although the customer finds in annoying, these folks are required by managment to say all these stupid things, so direct your irritation at them.

    1. Oh, my irritation is absolutely directed at the store rather than the cashier. I know they're just doing their jobs.

  4. I say let yourself off the hook and don't feel guilty for saying no to the charitable donations. I'd rather do a planned donation to an organization and a cause I've checked out, rather than a store's Cause of the Month. I have never and will never donate through a shop-- and I don't feel badly about it.

  5. Amen! Preach it! I'm right behind you on this issue.

  6. I get so irritated at Banana Republic/Gap when they push for me to sign up for their credit card. Nope, sorry, I already have one through my bank and don't want my credit to sink during my first year of living solo....