Monday, October 22, 2012


Lately, I've been finding a lot of eyelashes in my eyes. This week I've had to fish out at least four eyelashes at various times.

Husband: "Maybe you should start plucking your eyelashes?"

Me: "Ew!"

Husband: "What? Isn't that what all women do?"

Me: "No! Women don't pluck their eyelashes! Women want to have longer eyelashes."

Husband: "Yes, but don't women pluck them and then, like, draw new ones in or something?"

Me: "You're thinking of eyebrows."


  1. Show him an eyelash curler... he'll scream... Lived with 2 female room mates. our toilet was awash with tampons...

  2. How exactly do you draw on an eyelash?

  3. During a guys against girls trivia game I once played, *seven* guys age 20-25 cited "eyeliner" as the makeup item that women use to make lashes look longer. Three of the guys knowingly called out the [wrong] answer in unison as the other four eagerly agreed.

    They were all surprised to learn that the right answer was "mascara."

  4. I once had a boyfriend show up early for a date. I was in a dorm so there really wasn't any place for him to wait while I finished hair and makeup - other than my dorm room. I was so embarassed. He was so intrigued!
    Him: "I had no idea you put all that stuff on! You always look so natural!"