Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun with Mnemonics

Bonus points for IDing all the mnemonics!


  1. Cranial nerves; acute pancreatitis; carpus.

    What did I win? ;)

  2. 1. Sensory, Motor or Both for Cranial nerves
    2. Causes of acute pancreatitis (Gallstones, ERCP, Trauma, Steroids, Mumps, Alcohol, Scorpion sting, Hypercalcaemia, Drugs - or some variation)
    3. Carpal bones - Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrum, Pisiform, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate and Hamate.

    Cheers for the enjoyable posts.

  3. You should totally do one for: Can I keep selling sex for money officer.

  4. I love your blog! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would pop on by my blog and return the favor!

    Have a lovely day,

  5. Am I the only person who thought it was harder to remember what mnemonic was for what?

    1. Nope. Never understood why we needed the cranial nerve thing. Obviously, "olfactory" nerve is sensory. Or auditory. Or optic. Seeing as those are purely senses. Unlike, say, facial nerve.
      On the other hand, that mnemonic is the only reason I ever knew the wrist bones and their location. Otherwise, no way would I ever have learned them.

  6. I learned it as Big Brains Matter More.
    But that was from an undergraduate anatomy professor and she probably wanted to keep it G-rated lol

  7. My response for the last girl would've been, "Go find Rex. Make good sex."

  8. In vet school for the crainal nerves we learned
    'On Old Olympus' Towering Top, A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops' and also 'Oh, Oh, Oh To Touch And Feel A Virgin Girl's Vagina and Hymen.'
    Then it was the big boobs one for sensory/motor. Oddly enough, I never use this in practice. All that time I spent talking about vaginas and big boobs. (Every day though I get to talk about bitches and pussy!)