Thursday, October 4, 2012

Interview anecdote

During one of my interviews for medical school, I was taking a tour with one of the current third year students when an attending passed us in the hall and waved.

Med student: "That was Dr. Jones."

Me: "No, it isn't."

Med student: [looking at me weird] "No, that's Dr. Jones."

Me: "No, that's Dr. McFizz. He's my dad."

Med student: "..."

Me: "I'm pretty sure about that."

(It was, in fact, my father. And although I didn't end up going there, I did get into that school. Yay nepotism!)


  1. cool blog. thanks for the stuff.

  2. You didn't get in because of nepotism. You got in because you freed a spot for yourself by scaring the pants off of that other student! lol Way to shatter confidance!

    FYI I LOVE your blog. DH is a R2. And the stories he has are so similar to yours. Medicine is a 'special' place.....

  3. so that's how u got into med school....jk