Monday, October 15, 2012

Step 3 questions

This was a practice Step 3 question that made me go "Awwww...." (I am very emotionally affected by test questions.)

A 37 y.o. obese man comes to the office because he has been "feeling really bad lately." He says that for the past three months he has been having trouble sleeping and has not been "in the mood" to go out. He has even stopped going to basketball games with friends, which was his favorite hobby. He has missed many days of work and finds it very difficult to concentrate. He states that he feels "pretty helpless." All of his friends from college are married with kids, and he says that he "can't even get a date," so he basically gave up on having a family. He just feels "worthless". The most vital question to ask at this time is:

(A) Are you currently questioning your sexual orientation?

(B) Do you ever feel like "life really is not worth it and that you should end it all"?

(C) Do you think that your life would be that much better if you were dating?

(D) Have any of your friends ever tried to set you up on a blind date?

(E) Why haven't you tried to lose weight?


  1. Is the answer B? Being an obese female with depression, I remember all those things and sometimes still do.

  2. The answer is (B)...but I agree with Ana...the answer should be (F)

  3. He should try that Asian thing with the needles ... what's it called? Oh yeah, heroin!

  4. I am probably stating the obvious here, but as someone who is "morbidly obese", my experience is that most doctors will answer with E.

    My 'favorite' tale in that line: Back when it was still a very new drug, and I weighed only 250lbs, I saw a psychiatrist for stress and was prescribed Prozac. When I said, "Are you saying I'm depressed?" He told me, "There's no way someone as fat as you could NOT be depressed."