Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Blizzard

During my second year of med school, there was a blizzard.

It happened on a Monday, right when we were getting ready to take our endocrine final on Tuesday. The snow was bad enough that the day before the exam, the professor emailed us that the exam would have to be rescheduled.

Fair enough.

After the snow had died down, we got another email on Tuesday morning, saying that the exam would be rescheduled for Wednesday because the weather had cleared up. Also fair enough.

Except for some reason, certain members of our class went ballistic. They said that when they heard the exam was being postponed, they stopped studying, not realizing that the exam would be the next day. One guy complained that he'd spent Monday playing in the snow with his kids instead of studying, so it was unfair for the exam to be so soon.

Of course, he still had that whole night to study. And it was freaking endocrine, probably one of the easiest systems.

So these people asked for the test to be postponed until the weekend, giving them several extra study days.

I thought this was completely ridiculous. I'd been ready to take this test for two days and I didn't want to spend my weekend taking an exam. WTF?

After much arguing, the professor finally agreed to give two exams: one on Wednesday and one on the weekend.

And this is why my class had a reputation as the crazy gunner class.


  1. Just wondering. This entry looked very familiar to one in the past. Deja vu?

    1. I mentioned this in passing before. Once when explaining how my class did the same thing for an exam scheduled after 9/11. And once when talking about one of my classmates who tried to get every exam pushed back as long as possible.

  2. I can't believe that you had so many snow days/ exam reschedulings. At my medical school, they take these things VERY seriously: exams are almost never cancelled, and if they are, there's a written policy in the handbook for when they will be rescheduled, with no student input considered at all. I can't imagine one of the professors giving any slack at all to someone who said "It was cancelled so I stopped studying." I can imagine them laughing in the face of someone who tried to say that.

    1. Yeah, my class had a bunch of whiny bitches.

  3. Yeah, your class does seem particularly tiresome. It definitely shows the wisdom of having a never cancelling/inflexible policy for rescheduling approach to exams. I get that people want to match to derm or whatever, but it's JUST an exam! and everybody has to sit for the same rescheduled exam anyway, so no one has an unfair advantage.

  4. I've found that med students just look for an excuse to gripe. It's very tiring. I find it funny that these same people get to residency and can't figure out why nobody wants to listen to their BS.