Sunday, November 25, 2012

FOO fighters

When I was an intern, one of our ICU attendings was very distrustful of the ortho service. He had two acronyms he liked to use: FOO and FOOBA.

FOO = Found On Ortho

FOOBA = Found On Ortho Barely Alive

(I don’t think he thought much better of PM&R though. He was also quoted as saying, “Being on the rehab service is kind of like a death sentence.”)

Still, FOO and FOOBA remain two of my favorite acronyms. What are yours?


  1. I learned these when I moved to the South:

    DFO - done fell out

    DRT (instead of DOA) - dead right there

  2. MAFAT - Mandatory Anesthesia Fuck Around Time, from a Gyn-Onc.

  3. Horny PAMELA

    Honer's Syndrome - Ptosis Anhydrosis Miosis Enopthalmos Loss of ciliospinal reflex

  4. I'm fond of BDLD (big dog little dog interaction), And OIA (owner is asshole).

  5. ADR = ain't doin' right

  6. I was the king of mnemonics in school, the nastier the better because you never forget them. Muscles of the forearm starting with "f" (flexor) I even set to music.

    Today it's all about WNL = We Never Looked and CTD = Circling the Drain, FF = frequent flyer. Pretty tame, although we did have an ex-cop resident through here who left behind some good ones.

    DFO made me laugh out loud.

    1. Damn I was going to say CTD, you beat me to it haha

  7. LOLDFIC-->Little Old Lady Done Fell In Church
    (My attending claims that's a Hopkins one but we use it here a lot.)


    FLK-->Funny Looking Kid


  8. Mr Hilton/Mrs Hilton. Usually an elderly patient with a minor ailment who expects you to spend all your time with them fluffing their pillows or putting their clothes away as though they're at a hotel.

    And SOB - short of breath, but every time I write it I think of its other meaning ;-)

  9. TOBASH = Take out back and shoot in head.
    FOBOOP = Father of baby out of picture


    Knew I kept this in my bookmarks for a reason.

  11. PTD - Praying To Die (in the vet world, most often used for patients who've probably been suffering for days before the owner noticed/cared enough to bring them in)

  12. CTD is supposed to be "circling the drain," but I was a programmer in my first life, so to me it will always mean "Crash To Desktop."

    A doc here has described some patients as having a BURB. That's a "Big Unusual Rectal Blockage," i.e. a recreational activity that got away from them.

  13. My favorite is...
    FUBAR (f***ed up beyond all repair :)

  14. FUBUNDY - F***ed Up But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet

  15. its crude but spells it out pretty well.... AMF YOYO - adios motherf**ker, you're on your own (usually for patients who sign out AMA. another lovely one is SOSCMOB (standing on street corner minding own business) - what many are doing shortly before their gunshot wound/stabwound/whatever.

    on less crude note, i work in south africa, which has a huge HIV and Tb problem -so its not uncommon to see patients notes starting with:35 yr old female, HIV + not on HAART, MDR TB on reg 2; CD4 45, DM etc etc etc. looks like a secret code!

  16. STUN'd.

    Which is "nuts" backwards.

  17. Bah here's a NICU example:
    5(1) 7(5) 8(10)
    PPV -> ETT FiO2 42%
    UVC UAC D10W
    EBM, TPN

    My first week here sucked. None of these are bad, but if you're unlucky enough to be consulted on a neonate, you'll have no clue what's going on.

  18. A favorite from my EMT days - OLFDGB - Old lady fall down go boom.
    Also applies now that I'm an orthopedics resident.
    PS, for most patients who are FOOBA, we initially tried to get them admitted to the Hospitalist service and were rejected. We just try to keep them alive until their underlying medical problems make them sick enough to convince the Hospitalist to get involved.