Thursday, November 8, 2012

Time = value

One thing that's nice about being an attending is that my time now has some amount of value. In residency, that's less true.

When I was an intern, I came into an attending's office to present some consults to her. She was on the phone and waved me to sit down.

That attending stayed on the phone for thirty minutes while I sat there, staring at the wall, waiting to talk to her.

Finally she got off the phone. I started presenting my patients, and then someone else called. She then spent another ten minutes on the phone with that person. By the time she hung up, I was almost shaking with anger.

What struck me about it was that how, if situations were reversed, she wouldn't wait for me even thirty seconds, much less nearly an hour.


  1. What would have happened if you had gotten up and whispered, "I'll come back later, don't want to distract you." or something like that?

  2. i totally would have fake-paged myself out of that situation.