Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Too many jackets

Chief complaint: Neck pain

I walk into the room and see patient is wearing a heavy sweater, covered by a light jacket, covered by a second, heavier jacket. She's also wearing a silk scarf. Even though a gown has clearly been provided for her, it is lying unused on the examining table. For the record, it's really not that cold out.

I finish taking the history, then say to the patient: "I'm going to examine your neck. Can you please remove your jacket?"

Patient: [removes ONE jacket]

Me: "Can you please remove your other jacket."

Patient: [reluctantly removes second jacket] "Do you want me to take off my scarf too?"

Me: "Yes, that would be wonderful."


  1. "Your neck pain is from the weight of all these freakin' coats."

  2. My MIL had something done to her thyroid due to cancer. She is perpetually cold no matter what the temperature. We're all wearing tank tops,sandals, etc. because of the heat outside (over 100 degrees in the summer)and she will be wearing, at a minimum, a sweater. Sometimes I want to pass out from heat exhaustion just looking at her.