Friday, December 21, 2012

Code Blue is not funny!

Yesterday I heard something that I had never heard before: the person announcing the code blue overhead started laughing.

I was in the bathroom when I heard the familiar beeping overhead and a woman announcing: "Code blue on 3 center, room 318."

A brief pause, then: "Whoops!" The announcer started giggling and said, "I mean, room 380. Code blue on 3 center, room 380. Hee hee."



  1. "We apologize to the family of room 318, and the hospital will pay for a change of underwear."

  2. Was it a "mock" code? Hahahaga

  3. the lady who does the code announcements at our hospital has the most tranquil voice ever...yea someone's world is going to crap but her voice makes it seem ok!

  4. "Whoops" is right!

    There's one overhead pager guy on third shift at the hospital where I work that has the most deadpan voice ever. It makes me giggle a little sometimes.

  5. Usually those announcements are deadpan. But the error may have made for nervous (but still not appropriate) laughter.

  6. Someone should have walked up to that woman and bitchslap her, just strong enough for her to lose consciousness. And then give her some serious resuscitation. Give her a broken rib or two, see how funny that is. Arse!

  7. Once the overhead called for a "Code grey", except they messed it up and said "Code gay" by accident and then started laughing at what they'd just said.

    1. I'd laugh at that. I'd feel bad about it, but still laugh.

  8. Better than at my hospital...once they changed the room number halfway through the announcement; kinda went like this:

    Attention please, attention please, code blue C charlie 4 room 48
    Attention please, attention please, code blue C charlie 4 room 49

    So glad I wasn't on code team that night...

  9. What a freaking idiot...what if that was HER family member, probably wouldn't think it was very funny would she?!

  10. Our announcers always sound bored out of their minds. Except when it's someone new, then they freak out and talk really fast and usually mess up (ie forget to say Charlie instead of Unit C), but that lasts a day. Possibly because our hospital has multiple code blues daily.
    The announcers always panic at pediatric codes though (we have a combined hospital), but that's ok, because we panic too (I'm in Peds).