Sunday, December 9, 2012

Depressing Sundays

I figured this was an appropriate Sunday post...

When I was in residency, I would get two emails every Sunday night:

One was a reminder email to go online and log my duty hours.

One was an email from the chief resident with a list of all the cross-coverage for the week.

It was just about the most depressing thing to get these two emails every Sunday night. It always signified the end of the weekend, and reminded me of all the crap I had to do that week. (And the cross coverage schedule was often a depressing nightmare.)

If only I filled out my duty hours on Friday night, I could have avoided one of these emails. But somehow I never ever did in the entire three years.


  1. Just think of how much more depressing it must have been for the chief resident to have to prepare those emails on Sunday to send out.

  2. I hear ya. My husband gets depressed every week starting on Sunday afternoon. He starts to cheer up again on Friday. Funny thing about that.