Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Repeats

Well, it's Christmas week, which means everyone is either away on holiday or pissed off that they're not away on holiday or pissed off that they have to see their stupid family. In summary, everyone is either away or pissed off.

So I decided that I'm going to spend this holiday period reposting some of my favorite cartoons from the history of this blog with possible occasional new content.


(Or else get further pissed off about the lack of new content.)


  1. Damn right, you rich, skinny-ass doctor! I am pissed off that I am not going away this holiday and have to see my stupid family! My stupid family has stupid friends, and they all come to my house every freaking Christmas and act stupid together! So there you go, MerryfreakingChristmas to you, Fizzy.

  2. Wow, anonymous. If I said that I wouldn't use my name either!

    1. I thought that the Anon was just trying to be funny. But maybe that's just me trying to see the good in people.

    2. @Branda- Girl, you need to take a chill pill. Fizzy was right. I was indeed trying to be funny.

  3. You forgot the depressed because we're home alone, no family, no place to go and a broken foot preventing us from even driving anywhere crowd. "HappyfreakingChristmas" to everyone is right.