Friday, December 14, 2012

Physiatrist vs. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist: "Somehow patients always manage to get their Viagra. Their blood pressure meds, whatever... but they always take the Viagra."

My attending: "That makes sense."

Psychiatrist: "Viagra is really big in the gay male community, you know. It increases libido. Although I really don't think they need it. I mean, they're already having so much sex."

Attending: "Uh..."

Psychiatrist: "Even if you think you have a lot of sex, you can't even conceive of how much gay men have sex. You have no idea."

Atttending: "..."

Psychiatrist: "I had one patient who would go to these bathhouses and he told me he'd have sex like 12 or 13 times in one night!"

Me: "With different people?"

Psychiatrist: "Yeah!"

Me: "Wow."

Psychiatrist: "I don't know what it is about me. It seems like patients just ALWAYS want to share their sexual history with me. I don't think most doctors have this problem."

Attending: "Well, you're a psychiatrist and I'm in rehab. Patients just want to tell me about their speech problems or their knee pain."

Psychiatrist: "The only way I get to hear about knee pain is if it happened during sex."


  1. That's offensive to psychiatrists. Haha sorry, just had to go there.

  2. 12 or 13 times? I thought the one time we did it 4 times in a day back when we were first maried was something to brag about, guess not.

    1. Maybe they count oral sex, in which case 12 times is easy

  3. I hope the MD discussed condom use w/ the pt.

  4. The last line made me laugh out loud for some reason.
    I've had a similar conversation, but involving toys.
    And knowing some gay dudes, I gotta agree with the psychiatrist.... I don't know about "12 or 13", but I never really asked.