Sunday, December 30, 2012

Types of Primary Care Patients


  1. This one never gets old! I'm not in primary care, but it's a great summary of the patients I see each week.

  2. Just one more thing: The last frame is typical for holidays - the adult children, who have not seen Mom and Pop since LAST Christmas, notice that they are older/slower/breathing hard/forgetting things/suffer from incontinence - so they try to get an appointment for them during the holidays to "fix everything". If all else fails, they take them to the ER.

    1. A-freaking-MEN!!! Gotta love those poor elderly people who end up going to the ER in such a detrimental state, then the family (who clearly disregards said patient completely) gets all up on your grill about how bad the patient is and how YOU gotta make them miraculously better!

  3. Yeah, the last one is the most dreaded.

  4. Typical doctor, thinking those who are held hostage by the medical system are either whining or seeking drugs, when all they need is for you to listen to them and provide them with care.