Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekly Whine: PMNR

It bothers me to no end that people constantly call PM&R "PMNR".

I mean, it's not like Linens 'N Things. Or Toys R Us.

I get that people in other fields have no idea what PM&R is, so it doesn't surprise me that they don't know what it's called. But what really bothers me is when someone is applying to PM&R, and they still think it's called PMNR. It sort of shows you didn't research the field very well.

For example, I got an email from a reader of this blog, telling me that he was interested in going into "PMNR" so that he could become a "pyschiatrist", and he wanted advice. My advice was, first and foremost, learn what the field is called.

That might sound a little mean, but my program director told me that when he got an inquiry from a resident or med student interested in "PMNR", it was already like two strikes against them.


  1. Do you mean just writing "PMNR" (which I agree is bad), or does saying it that way verbally annoy you as well? I definitely know what the field is called, but whenever I actually say "P M and R" it runs together and does sound pretty much like "P M N R."

    1. I think people (including myself) generally always say it PMNR, which is how it ends up getting written that way. No points off for not enunciating the "and".

    2. Oh good. I would hate to offend physiatrists* with my improper pronunciation.

      *Do I get extra points for knowing this word?

  2. So, the whole point of this post is that it IS ok to write PMNR, right?


  3. ...H, I, J, K, ellemenopee, Q, R, S, T...